The epicentre of health & innovation launches at New Epping

The New Epping Health Hub (NEHH) has been unveiled – a $1 billion state-of-the-art health, healing and innovation precinct that will enhance healthcare outcomes for the community and foster wellbeing at New Epping and beyond.

Positioned adjacent to the 13-hectare Northern Hospital Precinct, the NEHH contains the new Northern Private Hospital, jointly forming a 20-hectare ecosystem of private and public hospitals, allied healthcare, research, and education providers – the largest combined health precinct in the north.

A future home for specialist healthcare practitioners and holistic wellness providers, the NEHH will provide important, local access to a range of services within a single location, 18km from the CBD. The colocation of healthcare providers supports a critical connectivity of knowledge and expertise which supports world class health outcomes and delivery of care.

Surrounded by greenery and the soon to be regenerated Edgars Creek corridor, the precinct will promote wellness, and has been purpose designed to enhance pedestrian connectivity and foster a closeness to nature.

Australia’s aging and growing population needs decentralised health precincts with modern facilities. The NEHH addresses this demand by offering 80,000m2 of medical floorspace, including an 8,000m2, state-of-the-art medical centre, which seamlessly integrates with the Northern Private Hospital via a link bridge.

The Victorian Government’s recent budget allocation of $813 million for the Northern Hospital’s expansion, which sits within the combined public-private northern health cluster, signals the confidence in the growth of Epping as an important healthcare destination. As healthcare needs evolve, experts are increasingly looking to the collaborative power of public-private health precincts to provide important access to high quality healthcare.

Not only does investment in health infrastructure result in improved health outcomes, it also brings key economic benefits to governments and communities. Healthcare represents the largest employment sector in the region, with local social assistance and healthcare workforce accounting for 13.9 per cent of the City of Whittlesea and City of Hume populations.

The rapidly-growing City of Whittlesea, with a population projected to increase by 44 per cent by 2036, is set to benefit from the creation of jobs, improved infrastructure, and access to local healthcare, with the NEHH enhancing access to, and quality of care available to a growing population.

Underpinned by Riverlee’s enduring commitment to building healthy communities, the NEHH exemplifies the transformative power of health precincts and offers an extensive range of benefits to the region. From delivering integrated healthcare services, fostering innovation, and driving economic development, this visionary precinct is set to enhance the wellbeing of Melbourne’s northern corridor for residents for years to come.

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